Scarecrow coloring pages

Autumn is here, and with it comes the time to celebrate the harvest and everything that the season has to offer. One of the most popular symbols of the fall season is undoubtedly the scarecrow. With its straw hat, tattered clothes, and friendly demeanor, this classic farm figure is the perfect way to get into the autumn spirit. If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your kids while keeping them engaged in the season, then scarecrow coloring pages are the way to go.

Simple Scarecrow Coloring Pages

Simple scarecrow coloring pages are perfect for kids who are just starting to learn about colors and how to use them. These pages feature basic outlines of scarecrows, with simple details that make it easy for kids to color in. They are also great for parents who are short on time and need an activity to keep their kids entertained. Some simple scarecrow coloring pages include smiley scarecrows, waving scarecrows, and scarecrows carrying pumpkins.

Advanced Scarecrow Coloring Pages

If your kids are more experienced in coloring and want a little more challenge, then advanced scarecrow coloring pages can offer just that. These pages feature more detailed outlines and require a little more attention to detail, making them perfect for kids who like to take their time when coloring. Some advanced scarecrow coloring pages include scarecrows with sophisticated clothing and detailed accessories.

Interactive Scarecrow Coloring Pages

Interactive scarecrow coloring pages are a fun way to engage your kids and get them excited about the autumn season. These pages often come with a set of instructions and activities that your kids can complete alongside coloring the scarecrow. For example, some interactive pages may have a maze your kids can navigate, or they may require kids to place stickers on the page after coloring.

Scenery Scarecrow Coloring Pages

Scarecrows often serve as a traditional part of autumn scenery. Therefore, it makes sense to have scenery scarecrow coloring pages. These pages feature backgrounds, such as fields or forests, and require kids to color in elements like trees, grass, and flowers, in addition to the scarecrow. They are perfect for kids who love to story-tell or use their imagination as they’ll be able to create their own narrative and scene.

Create Your Own Scarecrow Coloring Pages

Creating your scarecrow coloring pages could be the ultimate fun activity for your children. You could have them draw a scarecrow and then use such a drawing as the outline to create your own coloring pages. You could create the scarecrow outline on a separate piece of paper to scan and then print copies for coloring. Once you have the finished copies, you could have your kids color them differently each time or incorporate new elements like faces or clothing, to give the scarecrow a unique appearance.


Overall, scarecrow coloring pages for kids are an excellent way to get your children excited about the autumn season and engage their creativity. Whether you opt for simple pages or more advanced ones, interactive or scenery pages, the possibilities are endless, and the end results will be beautiful. So put on some fall music, brew some apple cider, and get your family ready for a fun day of coloring with scarecrow coloring pages!

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