November coloring pages

As November rolls around, there are a plethora of themes that arise – falling leaves, turkey dinners, and the start of holiday preparations. With all this excitement in the air, it’s the perfect time to get your child into the spirit by offering them some fun and unique coloring pages specific to the month. We’ve compiled some of the most creative and entertaining coloring pages for your child to enjoy this November.

1. Thankful Heart Coloring Pages

Remind your child of the importance of giving thanks with a coloring page featuring the saying “A thankful heart is a happy heart.” The page can be decorated with leaves, fall colors, or your child’s favorite things to show gratitude for.

2. Fallen Leaves Coloring Pages

Your child can follow the winding lines of leaves falling from a tree while filling in each leaf with a different autumn color. This page is great for practicing fine motor skills and creativity.

3. Turkey Dinner Coloring Pages

Get your child excited for the Thanksgiving feast with a coloring page featuring a turkey surrounded by all the tasty dishes that make up a traditional meal. Your child can color in each dish and make the meal as colorful and delicious as they want.

4. Pumpkin Patch Coloring Pages

Let your child’s imagination run wild while they color in a pumpkin patch full of different sized and shaped pumpkins. This is perfect for children who love to add their own personal touches to coloring pages.

5. Fall Foliage Coloring Pages

With intricate details and various foliage, this coloring page is perfect for older children who love to get lost in creating something beautiful. Featuring various leaves, acorns, and trees, this page is sure to be a hit.

6. Veterans Day Coloring Pages

November 11th is Veterans Day, so help your child understand the importance of honoring those who have served by providing a coloring page that shows gratitude and respect for our veterans.

7. November Bunnies Coloring Pages

Who says bunnies are just for Easter? This cute and playful coloring page features bunnies playing in a pile of leaves, perfect for younger children who love animals.

8. Harvest Time Coloring Pages

Inspire your child to learn about where their food comes from with a coloring page featuring a harvest scene. They can color in fruits and vegetables, scarecrows, and other farm-related items.

9. Family Gathering Coloring Pages

With family gatherings being a big part of November, have your child color in a page featuring a family sitting around a table enjoying a meal, or gathered around a fireplace telling stories.

10. Giving Thanks Coloring Pages

Encourage your child to express gratitude by filling in this coloring page featuring spaces for them to write what they’re thankful for. They can decorate it with images of things they are grateful for.


November is the perfect time to get your child’s creative juices flowing with fun and unique coloring pages. From Thanksgiving feasts to fallen leaves, there is no end to the inspiration that can be found during this exciting month. So, go ahead and let your child’s imagination run wild while they create beautiful and playful masterpieces. November coloring pages are sure to offer an enjoyable activity that is both fun and educational.

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