Wish coloring pages

Welcome to the coloring pages of Disney’s Wish, the exciting new movie from Disney! These coloring pages are specially designed for children who like to dream and let their imaginations run wild.

About Disney’s Wish coloring pages

Disney’s Wish coloring pages feature several iconic and intriguing characters from the film. Children can get to know these characters and the wonderful world of the film by coloring the pages. In addition to having fun, children will be able to develop their fine motor skills, creativity and concentration by coloring these pages.

Some interesting facts about Disney’s Wish

Disney’s Wish is an animated film that promises to amaze children and adults alike. Here are some interesting facts about the film to pique the curiosity of children:

The film introduces a new main character, who will live an incredible adventure to realize his biggest dream.
The film is directed by Disney animation experts, who have worked on many of the studio’s hits in the past.
The film’s music is composed by a famous composer who has already collaborated with Disney on other successful projects.
Disney’s Wish combines classic fairy tale elements with modern characters and situations to create an engaging and original story.

Explore other coloring pages related to Disney’s Wish

A key sub-theme of Disney’s Wish is the notion of dreams and wishes. The coloring pages will help children explore this theme by showing them the different wishes and dreams of the movie characters. For example, children can color a scene where the main character makes a crucial wish, or another where a secondary character shares his hidden dream with others. This exploration will help children understand the importance of dreaming, believing in themselves and persevering in the pursuit of their goals.


Disney’s Wish coloring pages are a fantastic, free way for kids to have fun, learn and develop their skills. By coloring in the different scenes of the film, children will be able to learn more about the characters and the story and will be able to identify with them. Coloring pages also encourage creativity and artistic expression, allowing each child to bring characters and scenes to life with their own colors and personal style.

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