Disney On Ice coloring pages

The Disney On Ice coloring page captures the excitement of a magical ice skating show featuring beloved Disney characters. The page depicts a frozen ice rink with characters gliding gracefully across the ice.

Disney On Ice Coloring Pages for Kids

Get ready for a magical and fun-filled activity with our amazing Disney On Ice coloring pages for kids! These coloring pages feature your favorite Disney characters, stories, and unforgettable Disney On Ice moments. So, let your kids’ imagination run wild as they color in each character, cut them out, and transform them into Disney On Ice puppets.

Overview of Disney On Ice Coloring Pages

Disney On Ice coloring pages are inspired by the fantastic Disney On Ice productions that showcase the artistry of ice-skating combined with the magic of Disney stories and characters to create an unforgettable family experience. Your children will love coloring in these beautiful images of their beloved Disney characters, as they relive their favorite Disney On Ice moments or invent entirely new stories of their own.

To begin, simply provide your little ones with coloring materials, print out our free Disney On Ice coloring pages, and let the creativity flow. After they have completed coloring, help your kids cut out their masterpieces and attach a popsicle stick to the back using glue or tape. This way, they can easily create their own Disney On Ice puppets to play and perform with.

Interesting Information About Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice was initially known as ‘Walt Disney’s World on Ice.’ The first production premiered in 1981, and to this day, it has captivated the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Each Disney On Ice show is a combination of various Disney movies and stories, showcasing a unique mix of our favorite characters, from classic Disney princesses to contemporary Pixar heroes.

Disney On Ice productions feature world-class ice-skaters dressed as our beloved Disney characters, performing impressive routines, flips, and jumps.

The productions are accompanied by magical light displays, enchanting music, and sometimes even fireworks to heighten the experience.
There’s more to Disney On Ice than the stunning performances; behind the scenes, creative teams work diligently on designing the costumes, choreographing the routines, and designing the sets to ensure seamless storytelling and captivating visuals.

Disney Characters and On Ice

Disney characters are truly the heart and soul of Disney On Ice productions. Each character embodies the magic, power, and wonder of their respective stories, bringing them to life through the art of ice skating. From the fairytale romance of Cinderella to the heroic adventures of Moana and Maui, Disney characters convey the essence of their stories and create unforgettable memories for the audience.

These captivating characters are not only the stars of the shows; they also serve as the inspiration behind our Disney On Ice coloring pages. Their enchanting tales and unique personalities are excellent sources of creativity for kids as they color in their favorite Disney heroes, princesses, and sidekicks. Our coloring pages allow children to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Disney while introducing them to the artistic and sporty world of ice-skating.


Disney On Ice coloring pages offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore the thrilling world of Disney and ice-skating. They can showcase their artistic skills by coloring each character and develop other abilities by cutting and transforming the pictures into imaginative puppets. They can use these puppets to recreate their favorite Disney On Ice moments or develop new stories of their own.

With these coloring pages, children can explore the fantastic world of their favorite Disney heroes, princesses, and sidekicks, all while having fun. So get creative and have a blast with our Disney On Ice Coloring Pages for Kids!

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