How to draw

Woody Woodpecker

coloring pages

Start with the Head

Start drawing Woody’s head by drawing a curved line for his beak. Continue by adding a circle above the beak for Woody’s head. Draw two more circles inside the first one for Woody’s eyes. Shade in the pupils and draw a curved eyebrow over each eye.


Ears and Hair

Woody’s ears are a unique touch. Draw two small elongated circles on top of his head for the ears. From the top of his head, draw Woody’s feathers in wild, spiky shapes. Add a curved line to represent his hair extending from the center of his head.


Draw the Body

Woody’s body is a classic exaggerated ‘S’ shape. Draw the body by first starting with the neck. From the neck, draw a curved line extending down into his belly, then back up for his back. 


Add Color

Color Woody in with his signature color scheme of white, blue, black, and red. Start by coloring in his head and neck white. Add blue feathers to his body. The tail and the ends of his wings are blue, too. Color in his feet black.