How to draw

Tanjiro Kamado

Coloring Pages

Drawing the Face

Begin by sketching an oval shape for the face and add two vertical lines crossing the center. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth, and add facial expressions


Draw Tanjiro's Hair

Sketch the front section of the hair by following the outline of the face, and draw his signature earrings on both sides of his head. Add vertical and horizontal lines on the back of the head and draw the remaining hair.


Drawing the body

Sketch an elongated oval shape for the body and a smaller circle for the waist. Add arms and legs by drawing lines, and attach hands and feet according to the pose you've chosen.


The coloring process

Now comes the fun part – coloring Tanjiro. Tanjiro wears a black and green checkered robe and black pants with a white belt. Ensure to color the earrings, the sword, and the eyes.