How to draw

neymar jr

Start with the Face

Begin by drawing an oval shape for the face, followed by two circles inside for the eyes, and a half-moon shape for the mouth. Draw a nose in the center of the face, and two ears on both sides. 


Draw the Hair and Headband

Neymar JR is well-known for his unique hairstyles, so drawing his hair and headband will add charm to your drawing. Draw the outline of his hair and add a headband across his forehead.


Add Details to the Drawing

To make the drawing more realistic, add details such as light and shade to the face, hair, and jersey. Give depth to the eyes by coloring in the iris and pupil, and add a shadow under the nose for depth.


Final Touches

After adding all the necessary details, it is essential to give your coloring page the required finishing touches. Erase any unwanted lines, smudges, or marks, and make sure the coloring stays within the given outlines.


Thank For Watching

Thank For  Watching