How to draw


Draw Grimace's head

Draw the outline of Grimace's head. Start the top of the head with two diagonal curved lines that meet in a point. Continue with a slightly curved line at the bottom that connects to the starting line. 


Draw the facial features

Next, draw Grimace's eyes using two short, diagonal lines that slant downwards towards the center of his face. Add pupils in the eyes by drawing small circles. 


Add details

To give Grimace Shake more personality, add some details to the drawing. Add two small arches on the shake to depict the two ice cream scoops. Draw a line that curves around the circumference of the shake to depict the cup.


 Color it

The final and most fun step is to color your Grimace Shake. Grimace Shake has a simple color scheme- light purple for the shake, white for the straw, and grey for the ice cream scoops.