How to Draw

Design the Head and Face

Now comes the fun part of designing the head and face of our superhero. Draw two horizontal lines to guide where the upper and lower edges of the cyborg's eyes will be.


Draw the Arms

Drawing the arms is the easiest part. We start with the arms by drawing two rectangles extending from the shoulder/chest region. Add oval shapes for the forearms and then draw circles for his fists.


Start with the Body Shape

Begin with drawing a rectangle for the head and then draw a slightly curved horizontal line for the shoulder/chest region. After this, draw a vertical line that extends further down from the center of the rectangle to mark the abdomen of Cyborg.


Create the Legs and Shelf

For the leg, start with drawing a rectangle directly below the abdomen. Add oval shapes for the calf and oval shapes for the feet. After which draw his iconic shelf, which would extend behind him.


Color Your Drawing

For the final step, outline your drawing with a fine black pen and then color it using different colors to make it more vibrant.