How to Draw

Cartoon cat

Starting the Basic Shape

To begin with, create a simple oval or circle shape that will make up the cat's head. This is your foundation for the rest of the drawing.


Adding the Features

Next, add the cat's facial features such as the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Keep it simple by using circles, triangles, and other basic shapes that your kids can easily follow.


Drawing the Body

After adding the facial features, you can then move on to drawing the body. Start with a simple rectangular shape for the body and then add the legs and paws.


Fine-Tuning the Details

Once you have the basic shape of the cat, you can start drawing the finer details such as the fur, tail, and whiskers. You can add markings such as stripes, spots, and patches to make it even more unique.


Coloring the Drawing

Lastly, your kids can color their drawing with their favorite colors. Encourage them to use a variety of colors to make their cat really stand out.