How to draw

Ben 10

Start with Ben’s Head

Begin with drawing Ben’s head, which should be oval-shaped. Be sure to leave enough space for the details of his face. Draw a vertical line down the center of the head and a horizontal line across the middle of the head.


Draw Ben's Face

Next, draw Ben's face, including his eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. His eyes should be small and narrow with the eyebrows close to the top of his eyes. His mouth should be a straight line with a slight curve upwards at the ends.


Draw Ben's Body

After Ben's head, start drawing his body. His body should be similar to an inverted trapezoid with wider shoulders and tapered waist. Draw two diagonal lines across the chest to give the appearance of a muscle-bound torso. Add the arms, legs, and feet.


Add Details

Add details to Ben's body starting with the iconic Omnitrix on his left wrist. Feel free to add any additional details to his shirt, pants, or shoes, like patterns or logos. You can also add shading or lines to make the drawing three-dimensional.


Color Your Drawing

Coloring your Ben 10 drawing is the best part. Be creative with your colors, choose the original colors or mix and match to put your spin on Ben 10's look.