How to Draw


Start with a Sketch

Start by sketching the horse's outline. You can start by drawing the head of the horse followed by its mane, ears, and muzzle. For the horse's body, draw a curved line for the back and the stomach.


 Focus on Details

To make the horse look more realistic, you need to focus on the details, such as the mane, tail, eyes, and nostrils. The mane and tail of the horse can be represented by a set of lines, while the eyes.


Add Shadows and Shading

To give the horse a three-dimensional look, you need to add shading and shadows. Start by selecting a light source and visualizing the areas where the light falls on the horse. 


Use Color Pencils

After shading, it's time to add color to the horse coloring pages. For this, you can use color pencils or any other coloring medium of your choice. Start by selecting the base color for the horse's coat.