How to Draw


Draw a Basic Outline

Draw an oval for the body, a smaller one for the head, and a rounded rectangle for the tail. Next, connect the shapes with curved lines to form Yoshi's back, stomach, and legs.


Add Facial Features

Now let's work on Yoshi's face. Draw two small ovals for his nostrils, a curved line for his smile, and a circle for his eye. Don't forget to add his signature saddle-like shape on his back.


Add Facial Features

To make Yoshi look more realistic, add some details. Draw ridges on his snout, scales on his back, and nails on his feet. Also, draw his arms and hands slightly behind his body.


Color Your Drawing

Feel free to use any color you like and be as creative as you want. Don't forget to color his eyes, saddle, and any other details you added earlier.