How to Draw

Vegeta Coloring Pages

Draw a Head Circle

To proceed with drawing Vegeta, start with a circle for his head. This will be the base for drawing his facial features. Using a pencil of your choice, sketch a medium-sized circle in the center of your paper.


Sketch Facial Features

Next, sketch Vegeta's facial features onto the circle. Draw his eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. Notice that Vegeta's expression is usually intense, so give him a slightly angry look.


Draw The Hair

Vegeta has distinctive hair that's spiky, so you will need to detail the points nicely. Make sure you draw each strand with care.


Body Outline

Proceed with drawing Vegeta's body. Start by drawing his broad shoulders and his muscular frame. Outline his arms, large hands, and the furrowed wrinkles on his gloves.


Color Your Drawing

Finally, it's time to add color to your Vegeta drawing. Choose the right color that matches his signature outfit, which is royal blue, light blue, and white. Add detailing like gold, red, or white trims for the armor.