How to draw

TOAD  Mario Bros

Get your Supplies Ready

Gather some drawing paper, a pencil, a ruler, and some coloring materials like crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Once you have your supplies ready, you can move on to the next step.


Sketch the Face

Start by drawing the face and head of Toad. Use a pencil to create the initial outline. Draw a circle for the head and a smaller circle for his nose.


Draw the Body

Next, it's time to draw Toad's body. Draw his arms and legs protruding from the body. Use your ruler if necessary to create the straight edges. Make sure you draw his vest and add any other details as you see fit.


Color Your Toad

Finally, it's time to get to the fun part. Start adding color to your Toad drawing. You can use various coloring materials, making Toad as vibrant as you like. Don't forget to color his vest, hat, and even the background!