How to draw

Titan Clockman

Start with the Head

Begin by drawing a circle or an oval for the head of Titan Clockman. Draw a horizontal and vertical line across the circle to create a cross. 


Draw the Body and Arms

Draw a rectangular shape beneath the head to create Titan Clockman's body. Next, create two long lines from each side of the body to create the arms of Titan Clockman. 


Draw the Legs and Feet

Draw two lines down from the bottom of the Titan Clockman's torso to create the legs. Then, draw two small ovals at the bottom of each line for the character's feet. Connect these ovals with a curved line to complete the feet.


Add Details and Color

Draw two circles inside the head for the eyes and two ovals for the ears. The nose should be in the center of the head with two small lines downward, creating the mouth. 



Your drawing of Titan Clockman is now complete! Take a moment to admire your masterpiece and show it off to everyone. The more you practice drawing Titan Clockman, the better you will become.