How to Draw

Titan Cameraman

Start with the Head

The first step in drawing Titan Cameraman is to draw his head. Start by drawing a large circle, and then draw two small oval shapes for his eyes


Draw the Body and Arms

Now it's time to move on to Titan Cameraman's body. Draw a small rectangle below his head for his neck, and then draw a larger rectangular shape for his body. Next, draw two long, thin arms extending from his body.


Add Legs and Feet

Next, it's time to draw Titan Cameraman's legs. Underneath his body, draw two long, thin legs extending down to his feet. Each foot is made up of two circles - one big and one small.


Add Detail and Color

Now it's time to add some detail and color to your drawing. Use a black marker or pen to outline Titan Cameraman's features, and then color him in using your favorite colors.