How to draw

Stumble Guys

Coloring pages

Get Your Supplies Ready

Before you start drawing, make sure to gather all the necessary supplies. You'll need a pencil, eraser, black marker, and coloring pencils or markers. 


Start with the Head

These are big and round shapes that will take up most of the paper. Sketch the shape lightly, starting at the top and going down towards the bottom. Once you're happy with the shape, darken the lines. 


Draw the Body and Arms

Draw the body of your Stumble Guys, which is an oval shape connected to the head. Then, sketch the arms from the shoulders to the elbows. 


Add Legs and Feet

Now, it's time to add the legs and feet. Stumble Guys are known for their wobbly walk, so the legs are thick and wavy. Draw the legs from the hip to the knees, then to the ankles and feet. 


Color Your Stumble Guys

The final step is to color your Stumble Guys with your favorite colors. You can use different colors for the head, body, arms, legs, and feet. If you want, you can also add patterns or designs, such as polka dots or stripes