How to Draw


Start by drawing the head

It should be a large, oval shape with a small bump at the top for the ears. Then, add in the eyes and nose. Stitch has large, almond-shaped eyes that sit towards the top of his head.


Draw the body

 Stitch has a round, chubby body with stubby arms and legs. To draw his arms, simply create two curved lines that extend from his body towards the sides of your paper.


Add in the details

For Stitch’s ears, draw two small triangles on top of his head. Then, draw his mouth and teeth. Stitch has a wide, toothy grin that stretches from ear to ear. 


Color in your drawing

For Stitch, you’ll need light and dark blues, as well as pink for his tongue and toes. Start by coloring in the body and work your way out from there. Use the lighter blue for his belly and darker blue for his back and arms.