How to Draw


Draw the Body

Start off by drawing a rectangle shape for Spongebob's body. Divide the rectangle in the middle with a horizontal line. This line will serve as a guide to keep Spongebob's arms and legs balanced.


Add Detail

Add more detail to Spongebob by drawing two smaller rectangles on top of the main rectangle, one for his head and one for his pants. Add two smaller circles at the top of the head for his eyes.


Arms and Legs

Sketch out the arms and legs with long rectangular shapes. Draw circles at the ends for the hands and feet. Add socks and shoes to the feet with small ovals and rectangles.



Draw two ovals in the middle of Spongebob's eyes for his pupils. Then, add eyebrows above the eyes and eyelashes under them. Draw a rectangle shape below the eyes for his mouth and add two buck teeth in the center.



Use yellow for the body, brown for the pants, white for the eyes and black for the pupils. Add pink for the tongue and red for the tie.