How to Draw

Spiderman Coloring Pages


Start with the Head

To draw Spiderman's head, start by drawing a horizontal line across your paper. Next, draw two circles on either side of the line for the eyes. Connect the circles with a curved line to create the top of the mask



Draw the Body

Draw the torso of Spiderman's body. Start by drawing a vertical line down from the head. Connect the line with two curved lines on either side to create the outline of the chest.



Add the Arms and Legs

 Draw two angled lines from the shoulders to the elbows. Then, draw two more angled lines for the forearms and add the gloves by drawing curved lines at the end. For the legs, draw two parallel lines from the waist down to the knees.



Draw the Spiderman Suit

To complete the Spiderman coloring page, add the iconic suit by drawing the webbing lines on the chest, arms, and legs. Then, add the spider logo on the chest, the sole part of Spiderman's boots, and the gloves.



Color the Spiderman

Once you have finished drawing the Spiderman coloring page, it is time to color. Use bright colors that contrast with the suit's primary color, such as blue and red. You could use markers, colored pencils, or crayons