How to Draw


Drawing the Head

The first step to drawing Sonic is to start with his head. Draw a round shape for his head and add two circle-like shapes on the sides for his ears. Draw little dots on his cheeks for his whiskers. 


Draw the body

Now, it’s time to draw Sonic’s body. Start by drawing his neck and add his fluffy chest fur. Draw his arms next, which are thin and long, and end with his signature gloves. 


Add the finishing touches

Next, it’s time for the final details that will make your Sonic coloring page come alive. On top of Sonic’s head, draw his spikes, which are three in total. Draw his pupils with some shine in his eyes.


Color the page

Now that you’ve finished drawing Sonic, it’s time to color him in! Sonic is primarily blue, so color in his body and shoes with shades of blue. His arms and chest fur are beige, and his gloves and shoes should be white.