How to Draw

Smurf Cat

Draw a Smurf Cat head

Start by drawing a Smurf cat's head. Draw an oval shape for the face, two circles for the eyes, a small triangle shape for the nose, and a curved line for the smile. Make sure to leave enough space above the head to add the Smurf hat.


Draw the Cat Body

To draw the body, draw a large oval shape underneath the head and add four small circles for the paws. Then, add two other circles inside the body to show the cat's belly.


Draw the Smurf Hat

The Smurf hat is an iconic part of the Smurf Cat. Draw a rounded, cylindrical shape on top of the head, and add a small curve on the tip to show the point of the cap. Make sure to leave enough space below the hat to add some details to the cat's face.


Color your Smurf Cat!

It's time to get creative and color your Smurf Cat! Use blue and white for the hat, and black for the cat's body. You can use other colors for the details, such as purple for the nose and whiskers.