How to Draw Rose

Coloring Pages

Draw a Circle

The first step in drawing a rose is to draw a circle that will serve as the base of the flower. You can use a pencil to gently sketch the circle and adjust the size according to your liking. 


Create the Petals

Start by drawing a small curved line at the top of the circle and draw more lines around the circle, creating a 3D effect. 


Add Details

To make your rose look more realistic, add details to the petals. Draw small lines along the edges of each petal to create depth and texture. 


Draw the Stem and Leaves

The stem and leaves are just as important as the rose itself. Draw a straight line from the bottom of the circle to the base of your paper for the stem. 


Draw the Stem and Leaves

Once you have completed your rose drawing, it's time to add color. Choose shades of pink, red, and green to bring your rose to life. Color the petals starting with the lightest shade.