How to Draw


Gather Your Materials

Before we dive into drawing, let's gather all the materials we need. You'll require a pencil, eraser, a few color pencils, or markers. We suggest using a sketchbook or a separate piece of paper to draw on.


Research and Sketch

Start by researching the character you want to draw. Look for different reference images of the character online and try to sketch an outline of their body shape. Start with basic shapes such as the head, torso, and limbs.


Finalize the Outlines

Once you finalize the details, start finalizing the outlines of the character with a pen. Erase any construction marks or guidelines you may have used in the initial sketch. Clean up any errors or make any corrections as necessary.



Now comes the fun part- coloring. You can start by using a light blue pencil to shade in rough body shapes. Next, use lighter shades like yellow or light blue for highlights.