How to draw

Raphael Ninja Turtles

Start with the Head

Begin the drawing by sketching Raphael's head. Start with a large circle and add details like his eyes, nose, and mouth. Then draw his signature red bandana that covers most of his head, leaving only his eyes exposed.


Draw the Body

Next, draw Raphael's body. Start by drawing a curved line for his back and a straight line for his neck. Then add his muscular arms and legs. Don't forget to add his shell on his back.


Add Details

Now it's time to add some details to Raphael's body. Draw his signature sais in his hands. Add his belt with the "R" logo on the buckle. Draw the knee pads and elbow pads on his arms and legs. 


Color Your Drawing

It's time to color your Raphael coloring page. Use a bright green for his skin. Red for his bandana, and brown for his shell. Use metallic silver for the sais, and silver for the metal parts of his body armor.