How to draw

Puss in Boots

Gather Your Art Supplies

Before you start drawing, it is essential to gather all the art supplies you need. Some of the essential supplies you will need include pencils, erasers, paper, colored pencils or markers, and reference pictures of Puss in Boots. 


Sketch the Basic Shapes

Once you have all your art supplies ready, the next step is to start sketching. Begin by making a rough outline of the basic shapes that make up the character's body, like the head, body, legs, and tail.


Add the Details

After sketching the basic shapes, the next step is to start adding the details that will bring your drawing to life. Focus on adding Puss in Boots' iconic features, such as his big eyes, fluffy fur, and trademark hat and boots.


Start Coloring

Once you have finished sketching and adding details, it is time to start coloring your Puss in Boots drawing. Use your reference pictures to guide you on which colors to use.