how to draw


Choose the Right Princes

The first step is to choose the princess character you want to draw. There are countless options available - from Cinderella to Jasmine, Belle to Elsa, and more. 


Sketch the Outline

Once you've chosen the princess, it's time to sketch the outline. Start with simple shapes such as circles and ovals to create the head, body, and dress. 


Add Details

Add depth and dimension to the picture by coloring in shadows and adding highlights to the eyes and hair. 


Choose the Coloring Technique

Before you start filling in the colors, it's essential to choose the coloring technique. Decide whether you want to use markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Each tool has its own advantages, so consider your child's age and preference.


Start Coloring

Start by coloring the princess's dress, body, and hair. Use your chosen coloring technique to fill in the spaces between the outlines you created in the previous step.