How to draw

Pikachu christmas

Start with the Head

To start with the head, begin by drawing two small circles - one for the snout and another for the cheek. Next, draw a horizontal line below the cheek circle to connect it to the snout circle. 


Draw the Body

The next step is to draw Pikachu's body. Start by drawing two long, curved lines for the body, and another curve line to connect them. Then add a small tail at the end. You can also draw Pikachu holding a present or a Christmas tree.


Add Details

To make your Pikachu Christmas coloring pages more appealing, you can add some details like stripes on the hat or sweater. You can also draw decorations on the Christmas tree held by Pikachu.


Color Your Pikachu

The final step is to color your Pikachu Christmas coloring pages. You can be creative in choosing colors. Some colors that you can use include red and white for the Santa hat, green and brown for the Christmas tree