Night Fury

Coloring Pages

HOW to Draw

Add the Head

Draw a long, curved shape for the head. Add a snout, an ear, and two eyes. Draw the eye slightly tilted to make the character look fierce.


Draw the Body

Draw a long, vertical oval shape for the body. Then, draw two circular shapes for the shoulders, on either side of the body. Draw a smaller oval shape at the bottom of the body for the stomach


The Wings

Night Fury’s wings are one of its most unique features. Draw two elongated teardrop shapes, one on either side of the dragon’s body. Add a zigzag pattern to represent the wings’ veins and draw the feathers to show the details


Finishing Touches

Add teeth to its mouth, draw its scaly body texture, and add spikes on its back. You can also add the Night Fury’s signature fire breath effect by drawing a flame coming out of its mouth.


Thank for Watching