How to Draw


Start with the head

Draw a large circle for the head, and add two smaller circles inside it for the eyes. Draw a small triangle for the nose, and a line for the mouth. Make sure to leave enough space on the sides for the ears.


Draw the hair

Naruto's hair is one of his most recognizable features. Draw two curved lines that extend from the top of the head, and meet at a point in the middle. Add more lines to create layers of spiky hair, and some strands that fall across the forehead


Draw the body

Naruto wears a black jacket with orange accents. Draw the collar of the jacket, and the opening in the front. Add some creases and folds to make it look more realistic. Draw the arms and hands, and the waistband of the pants


Finish with the legs and feet

Draw the legs and feet, and add some shading to create the illusion of muscle and texture. Naruto wears orange shoes with black soles, so make sure to add those details too.