How ro draw


Drawing Naruto's head

Start by drawing a circle for Naruto's head. Next, draw two lines for the eyes and a cross in the middle of the circle for his mouth. Then, draw two small circles on the sides for the ears. Finally, add the eyebrows.


Draw Naruto's body

Next, draw the body by drawing two straight lines and connecting them to the head. This forms the neck and the body. Draw another set of straight lines for the legs. Draw the arms and the hand as well. Make sure the body is proportionate to the head.


The Final Touches

Once you have created the basic structure, you can add the final touches. Add the details like the hair, belt, and clothing. You can also add the Naruto logo to the page. Finalize your work by adding a background.


Color it up

You are now ready to start coloring. Encourage your children to use their creativity while coloring. Use bright colors to make the picture vivid. Let them choose the colors they want to use.