How to draw

Mickey mouse

Draw the Head and Body

Mickey Mouse has an oval-shaped head and a round body. Start by drawing the face oval and then draw a larger circle underneath it for the body. 


Add the Ears and Tail

Mickey Mouse is known for his round ears, which are placed on top of his head. Draw two circles on top of the head and connect them to the head with curved lines. 


Face and Clothes

One of the most recognizable features of Mickey Mouse is his face. Draw a circle in the middle of the head and add a small circle inside it for the nose. 


Finishing Touches

Now that you have created the basic outline of Mickey Mouse, add some details to give him more character. Draw two small, circles for his eyes and add pupils with black dots.


Get Coloring

Once you have finished drawing Mickey Mouse, it is time to add some colors to your masterpiece. You can use different shades of black, red, and white for his clothes and body.