How to Draw


Draw the Head

To begin, start by drawing a semi-circle shape for Mewtwo's head. Then add another small semi-circle on top of the head for the ear. 


Draw the Body

Now draw the body by drawing two curved lines that connect the head and the bottom of the paper. Draw a small circle in between the curved lines for the chest.


Draw the Arms and Legs

Draw Mewtwo’s arms by drawing two long and thin shapes that start from the shoulder and curve towards his hands. Draw Mewtwo’s hands with four fingers, each with a sharp claw. 


 Color in Mewtwo

Start with the dark purple for Mewtwo's body, tail, and the wings. For the eyes, nose, and mouth, use a lighter purple. Mewtwo's chest, arms, and legs should be colored white with gray shadows that give it a 3D look.