How to draw

Logo One Piece

Study the Logo

Before you begin drawing the One Piece logo, you need to study it first. Take a careful look at its structure, the shapes, colors, and details that make it unique. Familiarize yourself with the different stroke sizes and directions used. 


Sketch the Draft

With the logo details fresh in your head, you can now start sketching the One Piece Logo. Begin with a rough draft, and don't worry about perfection. Draw the shapes and the strokes based on the details you have observed.


Add the Details

After drawing the rough draft, it's time to add the details. Draw the different stroke sizes and directions as detailed as possible. Make sure you add the crucial elements that make the Logo unique.


Add Color

Once you’ve finished drawing the One Piece Logo, it's time to add color. However, as you add colors, it can be tricky to maintain the original design, so you have to be careful.