How to draw

Lionel messi

Sketching Messi's face

Start by drawing Messi's features. Draw a light oval shape for the head. Then, draw two curved lines for the cheeks, and a line for the mouth.


Drawing Messi's hair

Messi's unique hairstyle is an essential part of his identity. Draw a curved line above the head to represent the hairline. Continue drawing irregular shapes as the hair until you complete the first layer. 


Detailing the Body

Carefully sketch the rest of Messi's body. Start with his neck, add a jersey and his shorts to complete the look. Remember to add details like jerseys' creases and folds to make the artwork more realistic.


Color Your Drawing

It's time to bring this artwork to life by adding colors to your drawing. If possible, use colored pencils. Mimic Messi's light skin and use pale yellow for the jersey, navy blue for the shorts.