How to draw

Leonardo from  Ninja Turtles

Coloring pages

 Start with Leonardo's Head

To start drawing Leonardo from Ninja Turtles coloring pages, begin with the head. Draw a big circle for the head. Divide the circle into three parts with two lines, one horizontal, and one vertical.


 Leonardo's Head

These lines will help you to place the eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw two large round eyes in the middle of the head where the horizontal line intersects with the vertical line


Draw the Body

Next, draw the body. Draw two lines from the bottom of the head, slanting towards each other at the bottom. Curve the dashes for the bottom of the body, which will create the shell. Draw a horizontal line across the body for the belt, and two lines for the arms.


Add the Shell

Leonardo is known for his shell, which is what makes him stand out from the other turtles in the group. Draw the shell between the slanting lines of the body. Make sure you draw the scutes or the bony parts that make up the shell, giving it a realistic look.


 Complete the Details

Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Add the bandana around the head, drawing the knot just above the forehead. Draw the belly lines and the arm and leg plates. 


Color the Drawing

Leonardo has blue skin, so start with that. Add yellow to his bandana, and light brown to the shell. Add some gray to his armor plates and finally, red to the bows on the swords.