How to draw

Kylian Mbappe

Start with a rough sketch

Begin by drawing a rough sketch of Mbappe's body, indicating the basic body shape and position. Don't worry too much about the details at this stage, instead focus on getting the overall shape of his body and head right


Add details

Once you're happy with the rough sketch, start adding details such as eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. Mbappe has a very distinctive hairstyle, so take your time to ensure that you capture the shape and texture of his hair.


Add the soccer jersey

Draw the PSG logo in the middle, with the number 7 above it. Remember that soccer jerseys are tight-fitting, so make sure you draw the contours of the shirt correctly.


Add colors

Once you have completed the sketch and added the details, it's time to add color. Mbappe's soccer jersey is blue, with red and white accents. His shorts are also blue, and his socks are red.