How to draw


Sketch the Outline

Begin by sketching a rough outline of the Hulk's body. Draw two circles for the head and the shoulder, and another two circles for the biceps. Then, draw a horizontal line near the bottom of the shoulder circle, to represent the chest. 


Define the Body Structure

Once you have the rough outline ready, start defining the muscles on the Hulk's body. Draw the lines around the circles to give the body structure. Add the details for the abs, arms, and legs.


Add the Details

After you have defined the body structure, start adding the details to the muscles. Hulk is known for his big and strong muscles, so you will want to emphasize this. Add the lines to show the muscles popping out.


Color the Hulk

Now, it is time to color the Hulk! Hulk is known for his green skin, so start by coloring his body green. Use a darker shade to add the shadows to his muscles. For the hair, eyebrows, and shorts, use a black color.