How to Draw

Hello Kitty

Draw Hello Kitty's Head

Start by drawing Hello Kitty's head. Begin by drawing a large oval shape for the head, followed by two small circles for the ears. Add two smaller circles inside the large oval shape for the eyes. 


Draw Hello Kitty's Body

Draw Hello Kitty's body. Draw a smaller oval shape beneath the head for the body. Add two small circles on either side for the arms. Continue by drawing two more small ovals for the legs.


Add Details

After drawing Hello Kitty's basic structure, it's time to add in the cute details. Draw a bow on her head, and add two small circles inside each eye for the pupils. Draw a mouth and two whiskers on either side of the nose.


Color In Hello Kitty

Now that you've completed the drawing, it's time to bring Hello Kitty to life with some color! Use your colored pencils or crayons to color in Hello Kitty's features. You can be as creative as you'd like with the colors