How to Draw


Drawing the head

Draw a large circle in the center of the page, leaving some space at the bottom for his neck. Gumball's head is round, so make sure the circle is perfectly round.


Draw the face

Start by adding two oval shapes for his eyes, which should be placed near the top of the circle. Add two small circles inside the oval shape to represent the pupils. Then, draw a small triangle shape below the eyes to represent his nose


Draw Gumball's body

Draw two straight vertical lines down from the bottom of his head to represent his neck. Then, draw two diagonal lines outwards to form his shoulders. Draw two slanted lines from the shoulders towards the center of the page to form his arms. 


Finish drawing Gumball

Draw two straight lines down from the shoulders to create his torso. Then, draw two slanted lines from the base of the torso towards the center of the page to form his legs.