How To draw


Gather Your Supplies

First, you need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment to create a beautiful Goomba. You will need pencils, paper, an eraser, and a colored marker or pen to complete the drawing. 


Draw the Basic Shape

Start by drawing the Goomba's head, which is a circular shape. Then, draw a straight line below the head for the body. Add two feet at the bottom, which are simple ovals.


Add the Details

Next, add more details to make the Goomba look more lifelike. Draw two circles for the eyes, then shade them in the middle to represent the pupils. Beneath the eyes, draw a semi-circle for the mouth to give the Goomba its trademark scowl.


Let the Coloring Begin

Once you have finished drawing, it’s time to fill in the Goomba with your choice of colors. Kids enjoy coloring Goombas in different ways using a variety of colors.