How to draw

Gather your materials 

Gather all the materials that your kids will need to draw and color their Garten of BanBan coloring page. You will need basic art supplies like pencils, paper, eraser, and coloring sets


Start with basic shapes 

Draw basic shapes that make up Garten's body. Start with a circle for the head, and add an oval shape for the body. Draw two small circles for the ears, and mark out the spots where the arms and legs will go


Draw the details 

Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth, and add in the toes on Garten's feet. Next, draw the arms and legs with the spiky hair spiked on the back and the traditional BanBan Horns on the top. 


Color your Garten 

Choose colors that resemble the original colors of Garten, or change it up and create your unique color palette. The possibilities are endless! Once done coloring, it is worthy of displaying on the wall.


Thank  For Watching