How to draw

doctor strange

Coloring Pages

Draw the head

Start by drawing the main shape of Doctor Strange's head. Draw a circle in the middle of the paper, and then add two lines that go diagonally down on either side. These will be the sides of his face


Add facial features

After you've drawn the basic shape of Doctor Strange's head, it's time to add his facial features. Draw his eyes first by making two small circles in the upper half of the circle you drew earlier.


Add details to the face

Draw the outline of his hair and make sure it sharpens towards the top. Then, add his mustache and goatee by drawing two curved lines and a smaller line that connects them.


Add the costume

Start by drawing two lines that go diagonally across the page as guidelines for his arms. Then, draw a vertical line down the center of the page as a guideline for the rest of his body.


Add shading and color

hade in his hair, cloak, and tunic to give them a three-dimensional appearance. Then, color his Eye of Agamotto gold, his facial hair brown, his tunic and cloak blue, and his gloves red.