How to draw

Captain  America

Coloring pages

Start with the Chest and Shoulders

Begin drawing by sketching the chest and shoulders of Captain America. Draw a line across the top for the shoulders, then two curved lines for the chest


Draw the Outline of the Body

Using your initial sketch as a guide, start drawing the outline of the rest of the body. Draw the arms, legs, and torso. Add detail to the face, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw in the mask and helmet.


Add the Outfit Details

Draw in all the details of Captain America's outfit. Start with the star in the center of his chest. Draw in all the stripes on the abdomen and shoulders. Don't forget to add the gauntlets, boots, and belt


Add Final Touches

Now that the outline and outfit are complete, it's time to add in the details that will make your Captain America coloring page stand out. Add shading and texture to the shield. 


Color Your Drawing

Once your drawing is complete, it's time to color it in! Use shades of blue, red, and white for the outfit. Add depth to your coloring with shading and highlights. And don't forget to color in the background


Captain coloring pages

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