Start with the Head

To begin drawing Bowser, start with a simple shape for the head. Draw a large, oval shape with a slightly pointed bottom using a light pencil. Add two small triangles on the top of the head for Bowser’s horns

Add the Body

Next, sketch an oblong body shape with a slightly curved bottom. Connect the head and body with a curved line to create a neck. Then, add two small bumps on either side of the body for Bowser’s arms

Add Details

Now it’s time to add some defining Bowser features. Draw his eyes as two small circles with black dots in the center. Add his snout as a curved line with two small circles for nostrils. Draw his grin as a large, curved line with two small fangs on either side.

Color It In

Finally, it’s time to color in your Bowser drawing. Bowser is typically depicted with a green body, yellow belly, orange spikes, and red hair. But feel free to get creative with different colors and shading techniques.