how to draw


Alphabet A

Drawing the letter A is relatively easy. Start by drawing a vertical line that is longer than horizontal lines connecting it forming an inverted V. You can then add a slightly curved line to both the top and bottom of the vertical line. 


Alphabet B

Start by drawing two circles that slightly overlap, forming a figure that looks like a snowman. Add a rectangle to the circle’s bottom end and a small line connecting the circles’ top end.


Alphabet C

Draw a large circle, and from the center of this circle, draw a small semi-circle that connects with the larger circle. Then, draw a small line at the outer right center of the larger circle, and your C is complete. 


Alphabet D

Start by drawing a long vertical line. At the top of the line, draw a small half circle and then a horizontal line that connects to the right of the half-circle forming a loop. 


Alphabet E

Begin by drawing a horizontal line. Then add two small vertical lines, one at the left end of the horizontal line and the other at the right end. 


Coloring your letters

Coloring your letters is where the real fun begins. You can use pencils, markers, or even watercolors to create amazing color combinations. Try to play with contrast and shades to add depth and dimension to your letters.